Tamur River

Situated in Eastern Nepal, the Tamur drains the slopes of Kangchenjunga – the 3rd highest mountain in the world. A three day trek is required to get to the river.

Rafting the Tamur means a three day trek along a ridge full of rhododendron forest and sunlit meadows, summating at 3000 meters with exhilarating views of Makalu, Everest and Kanchenjunga, and then down through emerald and golden terraced fields of rice and mustard to Dobhan for six or seven days on the river itself. The power of three tributaries joining force gives a wild push to the inflatable rubber raft as you start down this river, giving a hint of what to expect next. 120 rapids in 120 kilometers makes rafting the Tamur River more than a thrill a minute. Stopping at night to enjoy the colorful traditions of the local tribes, one might try their traditional fermented millet drink, tungba, the brewing of which they have perfected to a fine art. The best section is the last few days, when the river turns back to the west and becomes steep and powerful, with towering waves leaping skyward and water shooting through canyons like an Olympic bobsled before cascading out into the Sun Kosi and eventually onwards to the sea.


Fact File:


Package duration :                           12days

Travel by bus :                                  2 nights and half day 

River Days :                                        5 days

River grade :                                       class 4/5

Rafting Starting Point :                    Dobhan (635m)

Rafting Ending Point :                      Chatara(105m)

Trekking :                                             4 days

River Distance :                                  131 kms 

Average Gradient :                            4m /km (20 ft a mile)

Volume in Nov :                                  150 cms (5250 cfs)





Day 01: 
Drive from Kathmandu to Basantapur via Dharan.

Day 02: 
Arrive Basantapur and prepare for trekking and camp.

Day 03: 
Trek from Basantapur to Mangalbare about 5 hours and camp.

Day 04: 
Trek from Mangalbare to Guphapokhari about 5 hours and camp.

Day 05: 
Trek from Guphapokhari to Gorja about 5 hours and camp.

Day 06: Trek from Gorja to Dobhan about 3 hours and camp.

Day 07: 
Rafting starts at Tamur river. Run class 4/5 rapids and camp at Kabelidobhan.

Day 08: 
Rafting whitewater section and camp nearby Koya River bank.

Day 09: 
Raft down calm section and camp at Dumre.

Day 10: 
Rafting the continues whitewater rapids of Tamor river and camp near Tribenighat

Day 11: 
Rafting about 3 hours and finish at Chatara. Drive back to Kathmandu.

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