Bardia National Park

Bardia National Park is the largest lowland protected area of Nepal. The park is located in the western lowland and encompasses a total area of 968 km2.
In 1967, part of the area was established as Royal Hunting Reserve. Later in 1976, the area was gazetted as Royal Karnali Wildlife Reserve to include an area of 386 sq km and renamed as the Royal Bardia Wildlife Reserve (RBWR) in 1982. Before the establishment of hunting reserve the villages located in Baghaura Phanta and Lamkoili Phanta were relocated outside the reserve boundary. In 1984, the area was extended in the east to include the Babai Valley to encompass a total area of 968 km2. In 1988, the whole area was declared as Bardia National Park (BNP).

The faunal diversity of the park includes 53 species of mammals including endangered mega herbivores like rhinoceros and elephant, more than 25 species of reptiles, over 400 species of birds, 121 species of fishes and unknown diversity of mollusks and arthropods. [Click Here For Booking]